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Check out our FAQs:

When does the swimming season starts and how long it lasts?
Registration starts in February each year. Check the Team Registration page. 
And a regular swimming season for the Penguins starts mid-to-late March and finishes the middle of July. So about four months.
For 2024:

  • Registration starts Feb 17th 10am PT
  • First day of practice is March 18th (11&ups), March 25th (all)
  • 2024 Champs will be July 12th-13th

When and where do the Penguins practice?
The Penguins jump in the pool about 3-4 times a week for about 30min to 1hr each practice depending on age group.
In Spring practice is the evenings around 5pm-9pm with younger Penguins swimming first. And when Summer starts we have groups swimming in the morning 9am-12pm as well.
We practice in the Southgate Swim Club pool in Hayward, CA - Check out the Practice Schedule for more details.

Are practices rain or shine?
Yes, practices are rain or shine. Luckily the water is heated at the SG pool.
However, practices will be cancelled due to inclement wheather. e.g.: strong winds, and lightning.

What ages do the swimmers need to be to join the Penguins?
Swimmers need to be 4 to 18 yrs old by June 1st of the calendar year to join the Penguins.

Do the swimmer need to know how to swim or race to join?
Yes, your swimmer needs to know how to swim. Be able to swim at least freestyle 25yrds - a bit less for 6 & under is ok. However, coaches will assess swimming skills in the first few weeks of practice. And no prior racing experience is needed. We do have a "Learn To Race" program (space is limited) where we can teach you how to race.

What teams do the Penguins compete against and when/where are the meets?
The Penguins are part of the EBSL, you can find the list of teams and pool locations in the league's website.
There are about 6-7 swim meets on Saturday mornings (around 8am-12pm) on the pool of the hosting team - all teams are based in the East Bay (Hayward, Castro Valley, Union City, Fremont).
And one final championship (Champs) on at the end of July where all teams compete together over two days, usually in the Chabot College pool. If you have registered, you can see the actual dates and locations in Events Calendar here - You can even subscribe to it from your phone Calendar app.

Do parents need to volunteer for their swimmer to participate?
Yes, you actually need to sign a Parent Job agreement - See the forms needed, and help out with jobs in meets and if needed, some practices.
Running practices and meets require volunteers. You can expect to have to volunteer ~2hrs per meet (home and away) doing jobs like timing, setup, clean up, maning snack bar, directing swimmers, etc. For more details on Jobs and how to sign up for them visit our Jobs page.

When does registration start/end? How much it costs? What does it includes?
The first week of March, and usually go until spots are filled. Check the Team Registration page.
For the 2024 season: the registration fee is $365 for the whole season. There is a $15 sibling discounts. And a $100 discount for High School swimmers.

Registration Includes 

  • 60+ Practice days during the season.
  • 6 EBSL Dual/Tri Meets
  • 1 Championship Meet
  • 2024 SG Penguins Team t-shirt (tie-dye)
  • 2024 Meet Cap - Silicone with last name printed
  • Welcome BBQ
  • Family Fun Night/Overnight
  • Spirit Day
  • End of the Season Awards Ceremony
  • NO REFUNDS after season begins

What's the refund policy?
If your swimmer doesn't pass the swimming safety skills assement by the coaches and doesn't make it into the team, then you can be offer credit for next season or refund. Other than that, there are no refunds once practice has started.

What gear is needed?
Swimmers must arrive at practice with their practice suits on - Racing suits only, NO bikini, or trunks.
Please have the following for practice:

  • Swim Cap for boys and girls
  • Swimming goggles
  • Practice swimsuit: One piece swimsuit, speedos or jammer
  • Towel/Parka Swim Bag to keep belongings in on the deck
  • Slides/flip-flops
  • Water Bottle

For meets swimmers must wear their meet swimsuit. Please check here for the designated meet swimsuit this season.

Where/what is my "family folder"?
File boxes with folders for each family are brought to every practice and are located in the shed. It is the parent responsibility to check their folder regularly for ribbons, announcements, communications etc.

Why can't I see Events or Times on the website?
You need to sign in to see all the available content.
If you need help signing in, or resetting your password, please use the Contact Us form to get you setup.

What's OnDeck App and why do I need it?
The OnDeck App is the mobile app linked to our Website. It has been developed for the mobile devices and contains tools not available on this website. You can easily sign-up for jobs, decline your swimmers to a meet, see news, see your swimmers' times, contact coaches, etc. Just get it and enjoy the zen of having everything Penguins related in the palm of your hand. Available for iPhone - and Available for Android - If you have it, please make sure to update it at the start of the season.

Here are some cool tutorials about the app:

Do I have to sign in for Dual Meets?
You do not have to sign in for Dual Meets, that is done automatically for you. However, you need to sign OUT of a meet to let the Coaches know if you're not attending. For dual meets only, it is assumed that everyone will attend the meet, and therefore you are automatically confirmed for the event on Team Unify. Coaches will then go in and register each swimmer for the specific events they will swim at that particular meet. If you cannot attend the meet, however, you must “sign-out” via the website. Please Note: You must sign out of a meet 1-week prior to that meet. Any last-minute requests should be emailed to the head coach. See contact info here.

Where can I find meet results and swimmer times?
Meet results are usually emailed to the team the Sunday after the meet - sometimes on the same Saturday!
Afterwards, the times are uploaded to this TeamUnify website and you can access them via the OnDeck app, or here in the website by login in and going to the Events & Competition > Meet Results

Where can I find the Team and League Records?
The Team Records are located here - currently from 2019 we are in the process of updating them to include prior years - you will need to login to the team's website. And the EBSL records are in their website under Records